Individual Counseling Sessions

Individual therapy sessions provide a safe, nurturing and confidential space to address a wide-range of issues. Typically 50 minutes long, sessions may be comprised of talk-therapy, setting goals and skill building, or identifying and practicing new coping strategies. Depending upon the issues being addressed, it may be recommended that we meet weekly to start. We will work as a team committed to helping you feel empowered to make positive changes in your life!

Family Counseling Sessions

Family therapy sessions are a safe place for children and their caregivers to address relational issues and practice new ways of communication with each other. Family sessions are offered at 75 or 90 minutes, depending on issues being addressed, age of the children involved, and size of the family.

Consultations with Service Providers

I am able to provide you with feedback regarding your child's IEP, 504 or behavioral plan, or to help you make sense of any recommendations or evaluations given by psychiatrists, psychologists or pediatricians. I am a strong advocate and am able to attend appointments and meetings with you as requested for an additional fee.

  • Schools (Public and Independent)- Consultation with school counselors or social workers, attendance to staffings, IEP meetings or disciplinary meetings 
  • Pediatricians- consultation with your child's pediatrician if physical/medical intervention is needed
  • Psychiatrists- referral to psychiatrists or consultation with current psychiatrist if psycho-pharmacological intervention is needed 



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