I am a passionate, clinical social worker with almost a decade of field experience. I have a strong background working with children and adolescents in the outpatient, school, home and community settings. I have provided individual counseling services, family sessions, and crisis management... all to help children & families live more harmonious lives.



After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Conflict Management from University of Maryland, College Park, I then worked with juvenile delinquents through an AmeriCorp program in Baltimore City. I graduated with my Masters of Social Work from University of Maryland School of Social Work, with a specialization in Children & Families. After working for several years with children, adolescents, and families in Baltimore City, I re-located to Chicago where I have expanded my experiences in the outpatient and school settings.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survies, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
— Charles Darwin, 1809

My approach

I take a varied and nuanced approach to treatment, always looking for strengths and empowering each child to make positive changes. Click on my specialties below to learn more about the ways I may approach treatment

how can therapy help my child or family?

Therapy is a place to share concerns and feelings, but also a place to work toward creating your 'tool box' of coping skills. Therapy is a place to identify practical interventions or solutions and work on changing behavior patterns or looking at different ways to respond to situations. Therapy is a safe and nurturing place to practice these new ways of thinking or to explore past traumas and hurts. Therapy empowers each child to develop the trust and confidence needed to navigate difficult situations... but most of all, therapy shines a SPOTLIGHT on the strengths and resources that your family already has, and helps to show you how to use these strengths to achieve your goals!